$25 off gut calm, naturopathic consult and more, plus claim your bonus gift

Are you feeling sluggish, experiencing digestive issues or having a slow recovery after holiday meals or parties? Looking for healthy alternatives to your favorite holiday dishes that won’t upset your stomach? Looking for some self-care during this time that can be stressful?

It’s time to come in and get $25 off a gut calming session ,cranio sacral session or naturopathic visit when you come in during these two weeks: December 10th-20th  2018.

In addition, $25 of your session will go towards a session or visit for a low-income person. Double bonus, you get a treatment and you get to contribute towards someone else’s well-being.

Bonus gift #1 for booking during these 2 weeks; you get a Life-saving recipes for the Holiday Season recipe book, created by Dr. Nitya Eisenheim, and her husband Jesse.

Bonus gift  #2:  gut flare handout with all the steps laid out for you about what to do when you overeat or eat foods you know you are intolerant to.

Bonus gift #3:  smudge wand or a tulsi oil to create a calming, healing space.

Call 413 676 9009 or email cedarroseheals@gmail.com to set up your session now.

Looking for a gift for a friend or family member and want to avoid the holiday shopping? Purchase a gift certificate for a cranio sacral session, gut calming session or initial consult.

Call 413 676 9009 or email cedarroseheals@gmail.com

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