Plant the Wild! a workshop with Dr. Nitya Eisenheim, ND and Tom Sullivan

Do you want to help the plants, the pollinators and HEAL YOURSELF by growing and making botanical medicines in your garden?

Join Dr. Nitya Eisenheim, local Naturopathic physician and herbalist, and Tom Sullivan, our local pollinator expert to learn

    • how and why to plant a Native medicinal garden
      • Create an abundant supply of food our pollinators, supporting local agriculture
    • Leave with resources and handouts of how to plant a native medicinal garden or include them in an existing garden

Join the movement, connect and work further with Dr. Eisenheim, ND!

Sunday May 5th, 2019 

1-4pm at the Blue Dragon Apothecary

158 Main St. Greenfield, MA $75 for one person, bring a friend and it’s $120 for 2 people.

Space limited to 20 people

Must register and pay by May 1st! See link below. 

$75 for one

$120 for two (bring a friend)

More and more, we are seeing Native plant populations decline because of over harvesting, development and loss of habitat. “A renewed interest in American medicinal plants by foreign businesses, the sudden appeal of botanicals to drug companies, and the burgeoning natural foods and cosmetics industry has spurred the hunt for wild herbs in ever greater amounts to satisfy the seemingly insatiable demand for herbal products ” Rosemary Gladstar, United Plant Savers founder, Sage Mountain Herbal Retreat. The mission and vision of United Plant Savers is clear and simple: to conserve and restore native medicinal plants of the United States and Canada and their habitat while ensuring an abundant renewable supply of medicinal plants for generations to come. This will ensure an abundant supply of food for our pollinators as well, which will support local agriculture and ecosystems.  Come join this movement and learn how to plant a native medicinal garden or include them in a garden you may already have. Small urban spaces will be included!

About the presenters: 

Dr. Nitya Jessica Eisenheim, ND is a Naturopathic physician and herbalist, who is passionate about herbal medicine, gardening, cooking, healthy food and community building. She loves foraging for wild edibles and medicinals, and igniting that passion in others.

Tom Sullivan’s landscape design business, Pollinators Welcome, focuses on pollinator habitat that supports diversity of our native bee species to meet the pollination crisis head on.

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