Remote Craniosacral therapy now being offered

I know it can be stressful and frustrating to be in pain, want a massage and not be sure if it’s safe to come into an office for in person treatment because you either have an underlying condition or are over age 65.

I wanted to start to talk to you about the magic and transformation of remote craniosacral therapy. I know, it sounds strange and like a stretch of the imagination to even think that you could feel better without any physical contact/touch of an in person session. But I am seeing some amazing results with patients who’ve I’ve been practicing on in the last few months as I’ve been learning how to do this therapy remotely with my amazing teacher, Liza Borodkin. Chronic pain has started to become resolved within one session, we’re finding the deeper causes of burning foot pain and headaches and resolving long term allergies within 3-4 sessions. I’ve been very impressed with the highly potent nature of the remote sessions.

As soon as Monday, June 8th, I will be offering this service to all existing patients first, and eventually to new patients as well. There will be a super offer with 50% savings until June 30th (more details below) to get everyone on board with this new, exciting and revolutionary service!

You might be wondering who this can this help. Here’s a few situations:

Someone in pain, could be headaches, back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, burning pains with swelling, abdominal pain.
Someone who is having trouble focusing and concentrating.
Someone who is feeling depressed, low energy, emotionally stuck and wanting support to move forward with a life decision.
This is also especially helpful in times of chaos and uncertainty in the world, such as now, as our society is transitioning to something different, and hopefully more just, sane and harmonious with the earth!

Here’s an inspiring story of what can happen and what the experience is like of a remote session: 

“I was grateful to be able to access a remote/distance Craniosacral session with Dr. Eisenheim, during the time of CV19. At the moment I was struggling with lethargy, stagnation, depression; in addition to tending to a diagnosis of Cervical Dysplasia. These challenges were impacting me, mostly as symptoms in my body: stuck feelings in my muscles, low motivation, and shame. I was experiencing fear in regard to the possibility of my Cervical Dysplasia becoming cancerous, aware of a foreign element in my body. I wanted to activate myself so I would be able to go forward with courage to work with natural medicines in combination with a minor surgery, and not let fear freeze me from self-nurturing. During the session, which was performed remotely, I was able to sense Dr. Eisenheim working with the frequencies of my energetic field. This is an amazing experience, to feel connected to another individual 100’s of miles away. I felt immediate relief and encouraged to invite ease within my body. Dr. Eisenheim intuitively tuned into the womb area, and also received images of flower helpers, like calendula. With this a sense of hope, and unity with my body’s natural capacity to heal emerged. The currency of energies in my body began to circulate, my musculature and breathing (diaphragm) released, freeing up from stress that was creating blockages. Dr. Eisenheim consistently checked in with a dialogue, creating a dance between what my body was experiencing as well as my personal perceptions and emotions. I felt calm and so incredibly cared for. Several days later, my lethargy discharged, and I have been able to wake-up early and face my days with purpose. I am grateful to see that the session generated a shift!”

Miel Dragun, Minneapolis, MN

Read more here to learn about the benefits of remote craniosacral, how this actually works and what issues this can help with.

If you’re feeling inspired now, you can make an appointment here:

The special offer starting June 8th and ending June 30th is for a 50% savings. Typically, one individual craniosacral session would be $110 and a 4 pack would be $360, but you get to access this for 1/2 off. Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever offered that type of savings before. I really want you to try this and see for yourself how amazing it can be and I want to be generous right now, as we all experience a great shift on our planet. Once you sign up for a session, email me if you will purchasing an individual session or a 4 pack. I will email you an invoice via Quickbooks, which you can pay online before our session together.



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