Clinic re-opening June 29th!

The clinic will be reopening for in-person visits on Monday June 29th, 2020 on a restricted schedule for consultations only. Virtual or phone consults are still encouraged. Craniosacral therapy will continue to remain by phone only. Herbs and supplements can be dropped off to your porch or mailed to you as needed, and we can continue using Wellevate. There may be limited curbside pick up available for herbs and supplements, depending on the availability of the schedule. For now, there will be no far infrared sauna or frequency machine service.

Please read through the new clinic policies and procedures below so you know how to prepare for an in-person appointment. You will receive a call one to two days before your appointment for a health screening and to make sure you understand the new procedures.

You might be wondering, why do we need to continue with all these safety protocols when viral rates are decreasing in Western Massachusetts? The simple answer is prevention. COVID-19 still remains in our communities and even with all of the new protocols it is impossible to guarantee a 100% safe space. If we don’t stick to basic safety protocols, then it’s very likely the virus will replicate and the numbers will increase again, as we’re seeing in states like Arizona, Florida and Texas, which opened their economies early and quickly. A slow transition with basic safety protocols is important so that we don’t have to shut down everything again in the near future.

You can book you appointment here: or call 413 676 9009.
If you are having any financial difficulties, please speak with me directly and we can work something out.  

New clinic policies and procedures: 

1. You will receive a health screening questionnaire via Charm or email. Please fill this out BEFORE you arrive. You will also receive a phone call 1-2 days before your appointment.
2. Do not come into the office if you are actively sick, especially with a cough, fever, shortness of breath, muscle aches, vomiting, diarrhea or sore throat. We can still have a consult, but it will need to by video or phone.
3. When you arrive to the downstairs OUTSIDE entrance/vestibule, call or text 413 676 9009. I will come meet you downstairs OUTSIDE, do another short screening and a temperature check, then you will come upstairs and wash your hands before entering the office. If I am running late, you will have to wait outside or in your car.
4.  Masks are required. There will be 6 feet of physical distancing during the consult.
5. No visitors are allowed.
6. There will be no sheets used on the massage/exam table. Instead, table paper will be used, so it can be disposed of after each use. After the appointment, and any additional payment and scheduling has been taken care of, the room will be cleaned.
7. To minimize time spent in close contact, you will be asked to pay for your consult beforehand. You will be emailed a quickbooks invoice, which you can pay online before your consult.
8. There will be a restricted schedule to avoid more than one patient in the clinic at at time and to allow time for cleaning in between patients.

Thank you for your cooperation and flexibility!
Please let me know if you have any concerns or questions.

In health and solidarity,

Nitya Jess Eisenheim, Naturopathic doctor and herbalist
Cedar Rose Naturopathic
Greenfield, MA

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