Dr. Nitya Jessica Eisenheim, ND is a Naturopathic physician, who is passionate about herbal medicine, cooking, healthy food and community building. Nitya suffered for years with chronic back and hip pain, and unhealthy digestion and wore a back brace for scoliosis as an adolescent and into her teens until she found chiropractic care, yoga, massage, somatic based counseling and simple transformational dietary changes for a pain free, active life.  She is an expert at creating individualized health plans for clients who suffer from chronic pain and digestive issues. As many of her family members have suffered from incorrect treatment of Lyme disease, she also is passionate about preventing Lyme disease from being a chronic illness and specializes in caring for you in the early stages of Lyme.  Dr. Eisenheim is now offering naturopathic support for healing fertility and postpartum issues. After struggling with fertility issues for 3 years, Dr. Eisenheim finally became pregnant with her beautiful daughter during the Covid pandemic. She learned a lot about fertility and knows how painful it can be to go through something like this.

She incorporates multiple modalities such as customized herbal medicine, homeopathy, visceral manipulation and cranio sacral therapy into client’s care. Dr. Nitya Eisenheim graduated from Bastyr University, considered a top research and academic institution.  

Nitya enjoys working with both teens and adolescents, men and women who have tried everything and feel maxed out by conventional options. She excels at being your ally on your journey to health! Nitya also teaches seasonal herbal medicine classes and facilitates dietary support groups, as she believes in the power of healing within a community.

Craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation are both powerful and gentle forms of bodywork that can complement any other type of healing modality or medicine. Craniosacral is especially useful for chronic pain, nervous system issues and sleep issues by working with the nervous system, the fascia, the joints and the bones. Visceral manipulation is particularly helpful with digestive issues and working on the endocrine and reproductive systems by mobilizing the organs. Often, these modalities are combined to achieve the best results. Dr. Eisenheim also uses these modalities to assist in deciding the best course of action for you. 

Fluent in conventional medicine and standards of medical care, the strength of naturopathic medicine and the naturopathic philosophy of thinking outside the box and treating the whole person, offers safe and natural strategies to treat the cause of illness. Naturopathic medicine is a separate and distinct medical tradition from conventional allopathic medicine.


Dr. Eisenheim is not licensed in Massachusetts( yet!), but does hold a license in Vermont, where naturopathic medicine is fully accepted as part of the health care system. As such, she cannot diagnose or treat illnesses, i.e. practice medicine, but she can consult and offer supportive advice for your condition and to support your overall health. As of January 2017, the state of Massachusetts passed a bill that will license naturopathic doctors. Hopefully, licenses will be  available by spring of 2018.  This will allow NDs to diagnose and order labs.

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