Looking for a Massage?

Welcome Emily Luhrs, Licensed Massage Therapist to the space!

Emily’s goal is to work with clients who would like to participate in their process of healing, wellbeing, and reducing symptoms associated with pain or stress be it physical or mental. Each session aims to meet clients’ specific needs, whether it be relaxation or pain management. She aims to provide a relaxing experience while addressing areas of discomfort and bringing client’s awareness to their bodies.

Her massage blends myofascial techniques, assisted stretching, Swedish, shiatsu, and trigger point work when appropriate. She practices Cranial Sacral therapy as well, which can be booked separately or coupled with massage after an initial cranial sacral session. Emily believes in touch, now more than ever, as a way of reentering and grounding into our skin and being. She looks forward to building a continual therapeutic relationship with her clients. To inquire about booking: visit Emily’s website here.

New Lyme podcast and Youtube video with Dr. Eisenheim

New podcast and YouTube video added to the Lyme disease page! View and listen here: https://cedarroseheals.com/lyme-disease/

Listen to Dr. Nitya Eisenheim as she discusses Lyme disease from head to toe including her 9 step approach for treating Lyme Disease naturally(image below). Are you ready to learn how to support your body’s innate ability to live optimally with Lyme Disease? This podcast if for you!  https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/lyme-disease-and-genetic-rehab-with-dr-nitya-eisenheim/id1516555572?i=1000487291475 If you prefer watching the YouTube video, click here: https://youtu.be/2oSa1TsIfFI

Clinic re-opening June 29th!

The clinic will be reopening for in-person visits on Monday June 29th, 2020 on a restricted schedule for consultations only. Virtual or phone consults are still encouraged. Craniosacral therapy will continue to remain by phone only. Herbs and supplements can be dropped off to your porch or mailed to you as needed, and we can continue using Wellevate. There may be limited curbside pick up available for herbs and supplements, depending on the availability of the schedule. For now, there will be no far infrared sauna or frequency machine service.

Please read through the new clinic policies and procedures below so you know how to prepare for an in-person appointment. You will receive a call one to two days before your appointment for a health screening and to make sure you understand the new procedures.

You might be wondering, why do we need to continue with all these safety protocols when viral rates are decreasing in Western Massachusetts? The simple answer is prevention. COVID-19 still remains in our communities and even with all of the new protocols it is impossible to guarantee a 100% safe space. If we don’t stick to basic safety protocols, then it’s very likely the virus will replicate and the numbers will increase again, as we’re seeing in states like Arizona, Florida and Texas, which opened their economies early and quickly. A slow transition with basic safety protocols is important so that we don’t have to shut down everything again in the near future.

You can book you appointment here: https://cedarroseheals.com/appointments or call 413 676 9009.
If you are having any financial difficulties, please speak with me directly and we can work something out.  

New clinic policies and procedures: 

1. You will receive a health screening questionnaire via Charm or email. Please fill this out BEFORE you arrive. You will also receive a phone call 1-2 days before your appointment.
2. Do not come into the office if you are actively sick, especially with a cough, fever, shortness of breath, muscle aches, vomiting, diarrhea or sore throat. We can still have a consult, but it will need to by video or phone.
3. When you arrive to the downstairs OUTSIDE entrance/vestibule, call or text 413 676 9009. I will come meet you downstairs OUTSIDE, do another short screening and a temperature check, then you will come upstairs and wash your hands before entering the office. If I am running late, you will have to wait outside or in your car.
4.  Masks are required. There will be 6 feet of physical distancing during the consult.
5. No visitors are allowed.
6. There will be no sheets used on the massage/exam table. Instead, table paper will be used, so it can be disposed of after each use. After the appointment, and any additional payment and scheduling has been taken care of, the room will be cleaned.
7. To minimize time spent in close contact, you will be asked to pay for your consult beforehand. You will be emailed a quickbooks invoice, which you can pay online before your consult.
8. There will be a restricted schedule to avoid more than one patient in the clinic at at time and to allow time for cleaning in between patients.

Thank you for your cooperation and flexibility!
Please let me know if you have any concerns or questions.

In health and solidarity,

Nitya Jess Eisenheim, Naturopathic doctor and herbalist
Cedar Rose Naturopathic
Greenfield, MA

Remote Craniosacral therapy now being offered

I know it can be stressful and frustrating to be in pain, want a massage and not be sure if it’s safe to come into an office for in person treatment because you either have an underlying condition or are over age 65.

I wanted to start to talk to you about the magic and transformation of remote craniosacral therapy. I know, it sounds strange and like a stretch of the imagination to even think that you could feel better without any physical contact/touch of an in person session. But I am seeing some amazing results with patients who’ve I’ve been practicing on in the last few months as I’ve been learning how to do this therapy remotely with my amazing teacher, Liza Borodkin. Chronic pain has started to become resolved within one session, we’re finding the deeper causes of burning foot pain and headaches and resolving long term allergies within 3-4 sessions. I’ve been very impressed with the highly potent nature of the remote sessions.

As soon as Monday, June 8th, I will be offering this service to all existing patients first, and eventually to new patients as well. There will be a super offer with 50% savings until June 30th (more details below) to get everyone on board with this new, exciting and revolutionary service!

You might be wondering who this can this help. Here’s a few situations:

Someone in pain, could be headaches, back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, burning pains with swelling, abdominal pain.
Someone who is having trouble focusing and concentrating.
Someone who is feeling depressed, low energy, emotionally stuck and wanting support to move forward with a life decision.
This is also especially helpful in times of chaos and uncertainty in the world, such as now, as our society is transitioning to something different, and hopefully more just, sane and harmonious with the earth!

Here’s an inspiring story of what can happen and what the experience is like of a remote session: 

“I was grateful to be able to access a remote/distance Craniosacral session with Dr. Eisenheim, during the time of CV19. At the moment I was struggling with lethargy, stagnation, depression; in addition to tending to a diagnosis of Cervical Dysplasia. These challenges were impacting me, mostly as symptoms in my body: stuck feelings in my muscles, low motivation, and shame. I was experiencing fear in regard to the possibility of my Cervical Dysplasia becoming cancerous, aware of a foreign element in my body. I wanted to activate myself so I would be able to go forward with courage to work with natural medicines in combination with a minor surgery, and not let fear freeze me from self-nurturing. During the session, which was performed remotely, I was able to sense Dr. Eisenheim working with the frequencies of my energetic field. This is an amazing experience, to feel connected to another individual 100’s of miles away. I felt immediate relief and encouraged to invite ease within my body. Dr. Eisenheim intuitively tuned into the womb area, and also received images of flower helpers, like calendula. With this a sense of hope, and unity with my body’s natural capacity to heal emerged. The currency of energies in my body began to circulate, my musculature and breathing (diaphragm) released, freeing up from stress that was creating blockages. Dr. Eisenheim consistently checked in with a dialogue, creating a dance between what my body was experiencing as well as my personal perceptions and emotions. I felt calm and so incredibly cared for. Several days later, my lethargy discharged, and I have been able to wake-up early and face my days with purpose. I am grateful to see that the session generated a shift!”

Miel Dragun, Minneapolis, MN

Read more here https://cedarroseheals.com/remote-craniosacral-therapy/ to learn about the benefits of remote craniosacral, how this actually works and what issues this can help with.

If you’re feeling inspired now, you can make an appointment here: https://cedarroseheals.com/appointments/

The special offer starting June 8th and ending June 30th is for a 50% savings. Typically, one individual craniosacral session would be $110 and a 4 pack would be $360, but you get to access this for 1/2 off. Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever offered that type of savings before. I really want you to try this and see for yourself how amazing it can be and I want to be generous right now, as we all experience a great shift on our planet. Once you sign up for a session, email me if you will purchasing an individual session or a 4 pack. I will email you an invoice via Quickbooks, which you can pay online before our session together.



Clinic re-opening mid-June

As some businesses in Massachusetts start to open, you might be wondering where Cedar Rose Naturopathic fits in to the re-opening plan. The clinic could be reopening for in-person visits as soon as mid-June 2020! We will be following the guidance according to Phase 2 of the state’s 4-phase approach to re-opening the economy.

There will of course be some changes to how we do things once we fully re-open( temperature checks, hand washing, masks and physical distancing), so stay tuned for those updates.

We can continue to do virtual or phone consults. Herbs and supplements can be dropped off to your porch or mailed to you as needed, and we can continue using Wellevate. An exciting new offer will be remote cranio-sacral therapy! You can have a session right from your home and not have to worry if it’s safe or not.
Keep checking your emails for information about that. I have been practicing on some patients and getting amazing results.

I will still hold the special offer for a COVID-19 consult. Typically, this would cost $150, but for the COVID-19 consults it will be a sliding scale of $60-$100. I will not turn anyone
away for a consult, so please be generous if you can. 

Schedule a return office visit here. If you’re a new patient, select the I’m sick and can’t get out of bed consult: https://cedarroseheals.com/appointments/  

Get offline and hug a tree, especially an evergreen tree to breath in their healing aromas.

Feel free to forward to your friends and family. 

In health and solidarity,

Nitya Jess Eisenheim, Naturopathic doctor and herbalist
Cedar Rose Naturopathic
Greenfield, MA

Looking for Some Allergy Relief?

Even though is been cold this past week and we got snow!, spring is here.

You might be looking excitedly towards the warmer days and flowers, or you may already be suffering from a runny nose, itchy and/or watery eyes, or have asthma and it gets worse this time of year, it can becomes hard to breath, or maybe you get so stuffed up that it’s hard to think and concentrate on work. Either way, I wanted to let you know that I’ve got your back. I have two of my favorite allergy supplements in stock,
Natural D-hist by Orthomolecular products and the Cedar Rose Naturopathic Sinus and Allergy Tea, formulated by me.

The Sinus and spring allergy tea features nettle, along with lemongrass, dandelion and burdock roots, goji berry, gotu kola, and eyebright and is great for indoor and outdoor allergies. The tea is supportive to the liver, while also being a detoxifying tea containing an abundance of minerals. Clients have reported that using this tea has helped immediately resolve itchy eyes and congestion.

Natural D-Hist is a targeted blend of flavonoids, antioxidants, proteolytic enzymes and botanicals designed to provide comprehensive support for seasonal challenges caused by common environmental allergens. The formula includes quercetin, bromelain, stinging nettles leaf, and N-acetyl cysteine. The powerful combination actively promotes healthy nasal and sinus passages for individuals with elevated histamine and respiratory irritation.

To purchase products, email cedarroseheals@gmail.com or call 413 676 9009. Products can be shipped to you for a small additional fee or dropped off at your home for locals(Greenfield, Turners Falls, Millers Falls and Wendell).

*DISCLAIMER: There is no guarantee that every individual will achieve the same results. Results are dependent on other factors such as pre-existing conditions, co-morbidities, diet, lifestyle, and commitment and time to allow change to occur.

If you want to read more about the products, how to harvest nettles and about tips for allergy season, read on below.

Feel free to also share this with friends and family. 

In health,

Nitya Jess Eisenheim, Naturopathic doctor and herbalist
Cedar Rose Naturopathic
Greenfield, MA

So, what are seasonal allergies? Seasonal allergies, sometimes called “hay fever” or seasonal allergic rhinitis, are allergy symptoms that happen during certain times of the year, usually when outdoor molds release their spores, and trees, grasses, and weeds release tiny pollen particles into the air to fertilize other plants. They develop when the body’s immune system overreacts to something in the environment.

What can you do? You can follow these tips to avoid your triggers:

  • Monitor pollen and mold counts. Weather reports in newspapers and on radio and television often include this information during allergy seasons.
  • Keep windows and doors shut at home and in your car during allergy season.
  • In spring and summer, during tree and grass pollen season, levels are highest in the evening. In late summer and early fall, during ragweed pollen season, levels are highest in the morning.
  • Take a shower, wash your hair and change your clothes after you’ve been working or playing outdoors.
  • Wear a mask when mowing the lawn or doing other chores outdoors, and take appropriate medication beforehand.

Luckily, we live somewhere where a plant grows abundantly that can help us with these seasonal allergies. This plant is nettles, or in Latin, Urtica dioica. This plant is loved by some and hated by others, as it is with most wild plants we call “weeds.” This is the first medicinal herb that I met and fell in love with, and I am so happy to share nettle with you. Nettle loves wet areas, and you will find it growing near streams, rivers and brooks. Nettles have tiny spiky, sharp hairs growing all over its stems and leaves. These tiny hairs are what give nettle a bad rep, however these hairs contain medicinal compounds, which help to stabilize mast cells, creating less of an immune reaction and can help to prevent seasonal allergy symptoms when taken on a regular basis. They also contain a plethora of minerals and vitamins, most notably iron and potassium. Nettle can be ingested as a tea, can be carefully cooked (see very nettle wild soup recipe below) or you can pick use freeze-dried nettles in a capsule form.

Cooking tip: nettles must be cooked for at least 10 minutes to soften the hairs, but don’t worry, much of the medicinal qualities remain intact.

Harvesting tips: If you’ve never harvested in the wild, please go with someone who knows what they’re doing so that you harvest the correct plant and treat the plant community in a respectful way. One teaching I like to pass on to my clients and herbal students is to give something before you harvest the plant. In most indigenous nations throughout the Americas, people give tobacco as an offering to the plant before harvesting. But you can give anything that fits into your paradigm or religious/spiritual tradition, as long as the intention of giving and acknowledging that you are taking something is there. Some give prayer, a few strands of hair, some a song, chocolate, a piece of bread or a bead. Only harvest as much as you need, have a plan in mind of what you want to use the plant for, and be kind, don’t take all the plants. Always leave some of the plants for other people and animals who want to harvest, and for the plant community to be able to reseed and come back next year.

With nettle, you can get stung if you approach the wrong way. For beginners, I suggest wearing good, thick gardening gloves and bringing a pair of scissors along with a harvesting basket or bag. You can hold the top of the plant, snip off the top 2-4 inches for the easiest preparation and let it fall in the basket or bag. Once there are flowers or the nettles are more than 2 feet tall, you do not want to harvest anymore. There are compounds that can be harmful to the kidney if you harvest nettle leaves too late.

Nettle is the feature in my Spring allergy and sinus tea that I formulated along with lemongrass(which is helpful for mold exposure), dandelion root and burdock root(for liver support and minerals), goji berries( a red berry from the Himalayas that helps to support the liver, and is sour, which in the Ayurvedic system of medicine from SE Asia is balancing to the body this time of year), gotu kola( also an Ayurvedic herb, which is specific for preventing allergies) and eyebright( a Native US plant that helps with the itchy and watery eyes).

By the way, I have grown all these herbs or harvested them in this climate. This tea is delicious and nutritious, which is so important as we transition to spring time, after a long winter of eating more animal products and starches. If you have springtime allergies, you’ll want to start drink 3 cups/day of the tea on a regular basis so that when the flowers start blooming, the medicine has already been in the body and the body reacts less, creates less inflammation and there are less symptoms.

We’re Going Virtual – Special Offer

For the safety of all patients and the community at large, we’ve reached the time when I need to stop seeing clients in person and go virtual.

There will be no  in person visits indefinitely. This doesn’t mean that we’re not connected and that we can’t stay connected. We can do virtual or phone consults and I can drop off herbs to your porch or mail them to you as needed, as well as use Wellevate.

I’m holding a special offer with deep savings for a COVID-19 consult. Typically, this would cost $150, but for the COVID-19 consults it will be a sliding scale of $60-$100. I will not turn anyone
away for a consult, so please be generous if you can. 

Schedule a return office visit here. If you’re a new patient, select the I’m sick and can’t get out of bed consult: https://cedarroseheals.com/appointments/  

Get offline and hug a tree, especially an evergreen tree to breath in their healing aromas.

In health and solidarity,

Nitya Jess Eisenheim, Naturopathic Doctor and Herbalist
Cedar Rose Naturopathic

Zoom Calls for these times

If you missed the two Zoom calls last week to review Naturopathic support for the stress of these times, you can still access the replay and handouts. by emailing cedarroseheals@gmail.com. It’s $12.

The next call will be on April 1st from 5-6 pm to address sleep issues and anxiety. 

There will be weekly Zoom talks on Wednesdays in April from 5-6pm, except for April 8th.

Are you having trouble falling or staying asleep?

Are you waking up with anxiety?

Are you having trouble thinking and making decisions?

It’s normal to have feelings of uncertainty, fear, anger, numbness or others about out current situation. We are all experiencing a major shift and upheaval in our lives. You might be at home now at the same time with you family or roommates while trying to work and do school online. Or you might be someone who lives alone and feels sad about social distancing and orders to stay at home.  You might have lost your job or been worried that you might loose it. This can all lead us to feel overwhelmed and unable to think clearly, leading to poor decision making.

You’re invited to join me for a Zoom talk next Wednesday to explore naturopathic solutions for sleep issues and anxiety. We will talk about remedies, herbs, oils and mind-body strategies to get you sleeping, a more balanced state of mind, and clearer thinking.

I plan to do weekly talk on different topics. Is there a topic you would like to see covered?


Wednesday April 1st 5-6pm

$12, RSVP to cedarroseheals@gmail.com,
When you confirm, you will receive the call in details. You can join by phone or computer. If you call in, you won’t see our lovely faces.
l’ll be sending electronic invoices which you can pay online or I can take your credit card over the phone.

Feel free to forward to your friends and family. 

In health and solidarity,

Nitya Jess Eisenheim, Naturopathic doctor and herbalist
Cedar Rose Naturopathic
Greenfield, MA

Holistic treatment options for Lyme disease

Do you feel you don’t have the energy to get off the couch?

Do you experience brain fog, migrating pains, anxiety or headaches?

Do you feel like you will never get better?

You are not alone! These are common complaints Dr. Nitya Eisenheim, a naturopathic doctor specializing in Lyme disease, hears every day in her practice. Dr. Eisenheim will share her unique approach to healing from Lyme disease, naturally. Lyme disease doesn’t have to be a death sentence, and there are things you can do to recover. Lyme disease is common in our area and often people are misdiagnosed and do not receive proper treatment for months at a time. Learn why natural medicines are your first line of defense against Lyme disease when you have lingering symptoms of Lyme, even after a round of antibiotics.

Topics to be discussed:
1. Top warning signs of Lyme disease.
2. Why you may be still be sick even though your labs are normal and you’ve taken antibiotics already.
3. Dr. Eisenheim’s 9 step approach to Lyme recovery.

Nitya Jess Eisenheim, ND, Naturopathic physician
Lyme disease healing expert
Holistic treatment options for Lyme disease
February 18th, 2020 6:30-8pm
Blue dragon apothecary-158 Main St, ste 1, Greenfield MA

Get your tickets here by February 14th: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/92771663543.  You can also call our office at 413-676-9009 or email cedarroseheals@gmail.com to reserve your spot today, seating is limited.
$12/person, $7 each/$12 total for 2 people if you bring a friend or family member 

Dr. Nitya Jessica Eisenheim, ND is a Naturopathic physician who is passionate about herbal medicine, cooking, healthy food and community building. Nitya grew up in NYC going to conventional doctors. She did not know a dandelion from a tomato plant, nonetheless know that plants can actually heal you. Dr. Eisenheim has had the opportunity to treat hundreds of patients in all stages of Lyme disease while mentoring with Dr. Emily Maiella at Windhorse Naturopathic Clinic in Brattleboro, VT. Dr. Nitya Eisenheim, ND graduated from Bastyr University, a leading research and educational institution. For more info about the clinic and doctor go here: http://cedarroseheals.com/my-journey/

Here’s what others have to say about working with Dr. Eisenheim:

Looking back on where my health was 2 years ago, I cannot believe how far I have come in my healing from Chronic Lyme disease. At that time, I felt helpless and I felt like giving up. My body and mind were over ridden with pathogens, and other doctors just didn’t seem to listen to me or “get it”. I knew that there was something that these other doctors were missing, and I sought out a less traditional healing modality- naturopathic medicine. Upon visiting Dr. Eisenheim for my first appointment, I felt like crying with such relief to know that I was being heard and understood. Unlike the other doctors I had seen, she took a thorough examination of all aspects of my health through labs, life style, emotional stability, spirituality, and my physical body. It has become clear to me how much Dr. Eisenheim cares about my well-being and is well versed in Chronic Lyme by how much healing has taken place with me being in her care.
I cannot believe how much I have changed over time and how I can actually feel like a vital person now. At one point in time, I was debilitated and wasn’t able to go on walks, work, or go on social outings, and now I am able to have a better quality of life. I believe in naturopathic medicine, energy healing, and the power that healing the whole entire being has on overcoming chronic illness.

I’ve been dealing with Lyme Disease since June of 2017 and still suffer intermittent symptoms. I attended Dr Eisenheim’s workshop on Lyme Disease in April 2018. I was impressed with her easy to understand information and willingness to share her knowledge as well as her kind and professional demeanor. I took home the Tick Kit as a preventative. 3 1/2 weeks post tick bite I have thankfully not had a reoccurrence of Lyme symptoms. I have gladly added Dr. Eisenheim to my Lyme treatment regime.

I decided to visit Cedar Rose after I exhausted all other medical options with my son who was chronically sick. After our first visit I saw a drastic improvement in his overall health within 2 weeks. She carefully listened to all of my concerns and gave me a plan of action for him which included dietary changes and supplements.

*DISCLAIMER: There is no guarantee that every individual will achieve the same results. Results are dependent on other factors such as pre-existing conditions, co-morbidities, diet, lifestyle, and commitment and time to allow change to occur.

Spa day and Clinic Open House rescheduled!

Treat yourself to a relaxing, healing session and shop for herbal and wellness products at the same time. 
Treatments offered:
  • Far infrared sauna
  • Foot baths
  • Craniosacral therapy
  • Sound healing
  • Bemer
  • Medicinal teas

Bring a friend!

RSVP; space is limited

cedarroseheals@gmail.com 413 676 9009

Thursday January 30th, 2019 2-7 pm

$15 admission fee allows you 2 treatments

  • CBD products
  • Herbal teas, tinctures and sundries
  • Gift certificate sales
  • plus more!
Cedar Rose Naturopathic
70 Federal St, Ste 1
(2nd floor, above the Recover project)
*There is one flight of steps to walk up
RSVP; space is limited
413 676 9009