Holistic treatment options for Lyme disease

Do you feel you don’t have the energy to get off the couch?

Do you experience brain fog, migrating pains, anxiety or headaches?

Do you feel like you will never get better?

You are not alone! These are common complaints Dr. Nitya Eisenheim, a naturopathic doctor specializing in Lyme disease, hears every day in her practice. Dr. Eisenheim will share her unique approach to healing from Lyme disease, naturally. Lyme disease doesn’t have to be a death sentence, and there are things you can do to recover. Lyme disease is common in our area and often people are misdiagnosed and do not receive proper treatment for months at a time. Learn why natural medicines are your first line of defense against Lyme disease when you have lingering symptoms of Lyme, even after a round of antibiotics.

Topics to be discussed:
1. Top warning signs of Lyme disease.
2. Why you may be still be sick even though your labs are normal and you’ve taken antibiotics already.
3. Dr. Eisenheim’s 9 step approach to Lyme recovery.

Nitya Jess Eisenheim, ND, Naturopathic physician
Lyme disease healing expert
Holistic treatment options for Lyme disease
February 18th, 2020 6:30-8pm
Blue dragon apothecary-158 Main St, ste 1, Greenfield MA

Get your tickets here by February 14th: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/92771663543.  You can also call our office at 413-676-9009 or email cedarroseheals@gmail.com to reserve your spot today, seating is limited.
$12/person, $7 each/$12 total for 2 people if you bring a friend or family member 

Dr. Nitya Jessica Eisenheim, ND is a Naturopathic physician who is passionate about herbal medicine, cooking, healthy food and community building. Nitya grew up in NYC going to conventional doctors. She did not know a dandelion from a tomato plant, nonetheless know that plants can actually heal you. Dr. Eisenheim has had the opportunity to treat hundreds of patients in all stages of Lyme disease while mentoring with Dr. Emily Maiella at Windhorse Naturopathic Clinic in Brattleboro, VT. Dr. Nitya Eisenheim, ND graduated from Bastyr University, a leading research and educational institution. For more info about the clinic and doctor go here: http://cedarroseheals.com/my-journey/

Here’s what others have to say about working with Dr. Eisenheim:

Looking back on where my health was 2 years ago, I cannot believe how far I have come in my healing from Chronic Lyme disease. At that time, I felt helpless and I felt like giving up. My body and mind were over ridden with pathogens, and other doctors just didn’t seem to listen to me or “get it”. I knew that there was something that these other doctors were missing, and I sought out a less traditional healing modality- naturopathic medicine. Upon visiting Dr. Eisenheim for my first appointment, I felt like crying with such relief to know that I was being heard and understood. Unlike the other doctors I had seen, she took a thorough examination of all aspects of my health through labs, life style, emotional stability, spirituality, and my physical body. It has become clear to me how much Dr. Eisenheim cares about my well-being and is well versed in Chronic Lyme by how much healing has taken place with me being in her care.
I cannot believe how much I have changed over time and how I can actually feel like a vital person now. At one point in time, I was debilitated and wasn’t able to go on walks, work, or go on social outings, and now I am able to have a better quality of life. I believe in naturopathic medicine, energy healing, and the power that healing the whole entire being has on overcoming chronic illness.

I’ve been dealing with Lyme Disease since June of 2017 and still suffer intermittent symptoms. I attended Dr Eisenheim’s workshop on Lyme Disease in April 2018. I was impressed with her easy to understand information and willingness to share her knowledge as well as her kind and professional demeanor. I took home the Tick Kit as a preventative. 3 1/2 weeks post tick bite I have thankfully not had a reoccurrence of Lyme symptoms. I have gladly added Dr. Eisenheim to my Lyme treatment regime.

I decided to visit Cedar Rose after I exhausted all other medical options with my son who was chronically sick. After our first visit I saw a drastic improvement in his overall health within 2 weeks. She carefully listened to all of my concerns and gave me a plan of action for him which included dietary changes and supplements.

*DISCLAIMER: There is no guarantee that every individual will achieve the same results. Results are dependent on other factors such as pre-existing conditions, co-morbidities, diet, lifestyle, and commitment and time to allow change to occur.

Medicinal and edible mushrooms workshop

Meet the Mushrooms in the woods and in the kitchen.
Join Paul Lagreze and Dr. Nitya Eisenheim for a workshop exploring medicinal and edible mushrooms in the woods
and kitchen. Learn about the symbiotic relationships between trees and their fungi, identify wild mushrooms, including how to
sustainably harvest them and learn how to prepare these
delightful forest delicacies.
Recipes, teas and samples provided.
$60 paypal, cash, check or credit card accepted ($5 processing fee added for cc and paypal)
PLEASE RSVP by September 30th and we will let you know the location to meet up at 10am
413-676-9009 • cedarroseheals@gmail.com
10am-3pm; 12-1pm lunch break(bring your lunch or purchase in between the morning and afternoon sessions)
Location to be determined for the morning session, somewhere in Franklin county
We will meet at the Blue Dragon Apothecary in Greenfield for the afternoon session.
About the presenters:
For over 20 years Paul Lagreze has cultivated forest grown shiitakes and has foraged for wild mushrooms. These mushrooms, along with other wild edibles are sold at local farmers markets, restaurants and grocery stores under the brand name NEW Edibles. Paul also teaches introductory mushroom courses at Greenfield Community College and has taught many mushroom cultivation and foraging workshops throughout the valley.
Dr. Nitya Jessica Eisenheim is a Naturopathic health physician who is passionate about herbal medicine, cooking, healthy food and community building. Nitya grew up in NYC going to conventional doctors. She did not know a dandelion from a tomato plant, nonetheless know that plants can actually heal you. Through learning herbal medicine, Ayurveda, integrative nutrition, naturopathic medicine, craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation, she learned ways to listen to the body and be in harmony with it, instead of feeling confused by the body’s signals or feeling like she was in a constant battle with it. She healed from chronic back pain, irregular menstruation and digestive issues. Dr. Nitya Eisenheim graduated from Bastyr University, considered a top research and academic institution. She has also studied plant spirit medicine with Pam Montgomery at the Partner Earth Education Center and Ayurveda at the Wise Earth School of Ayurveda. She loves foraging for wild edibles and igniting that passion in others