Herbs and Spirituality apprenticeship

An immersion course one Sunday/month from April through October 2019
9:30 am-4:30 pm

500 plus years of colonizer patterns have tricked our minds into thinking we are here to be greedy and to take without giving or offering gratitude. This creates disconnection from the Earth, the food and medicine plants, and all life forms, including ourselves. What is often missing from our culture is the connection with the plants, earth, water, rocks and realizing that as humans, we are a part of nature, as opposed to consumers buying herbal products and using natural resources. There is a difference. In this apprenticeship, we will re-connect with ourselves and the Earth, and build community by learning simple tools for personal transformation, offering gratitude, reciprocity, re-harmonizing with nature’s seasonal cycles and rhythms, and reorienting our humanness to be part of nature with a gracious attitude, instead of just consumers.

Some topics explored will be:

  • Plant spirit medicine
  • Flower essences
  • Plant meditation
  • Wildcrafting and plant identification
  • Herbal medicine making(mostly teas, honeys, vinegar preparations and the famous “green fairy” wormwood preparation)
  • Moon cycles and rituals
  • Herbal smokes, bathing
  • Cultural appropriation and reclaiming your ancestral spiritual practices
  • Honoring ancestors, honoring the elements, plus more.

Plants on the syllabus:  lavender, wormwood, mugwort, tarragon, thyme, lilac, tulsi, sweetgrass, dandelion, mullein, rose, cedar, sage, nettle, maple, plus more.

Smudge SticksThere will be guest speakers, highlighting herbalists and naturopathic doctors of color and field trips. We will travel to different outdoor locations around the Connecticut River Valley, including my home garden. You will receive plant starts or seeds, plus create a home pharmacy for spiritual and medicinal purposes.

Cost is $1599. This includes a bonus of a smudge wand or tulsi oil when you place your payment.

Space will be limited to 10 people.

Early bird registration will start in January, and will be $1029. If paid in full by January 22nd, there is a bonus Naturopathic consult to explore your most frustrating health concern or a home garden/wild food assessment to assess what medicines are growing right in your backyard or how to start a home medicine/kitchen garden.

Deadline to register: March 28th

Fill out the form below to register.

Dr. Nitya will be in touch with you shortly with all the details, including a welcome letter, suggested reading/resources list and a payment agreement.

Questions? Email me at or call 413 676 9009.

We can sit down over tea and discuss if this right for you.

People of color and LGBTQ folks are encouraged to apply. Attendees are responsible for their own transportation. Carpooling is encouraged!

Dates: April 28th, May 26th, June 23rd, July 28th, August 25th, September 22nd, October 20th.

Dr. Nitya Jessica Eisenheim, ND is a Naturopathic physician and herbalist, who is passionate about herbal medicine, gardening, cooking, healthy food and community building. She loves foraging for wild edibles and medicinals, and igniting that passion in others. Nitya grew up in NYC going to conventional doctors. She did not know a dandelion from a tomato plant, nonetheless know that plants can actually heal you. Through learning herbal medicine, Ayurveda, integrative nutrition, naturopathic medicine, cranio sacral therapy and visceral manipulation, she learned ways to listen to the body and be in harmony with it, instead of feeling confused by the body’s signals or feeling like she was in a constant battle with it. She healed from chronic back and hip pain, irregular periods and unhealthy digestion. In order to truly heal, Dr. Eisenheim believes we need a society based on reciprocity, community and gratitude for the Earth’s healing gifts. Dr. Nitya Eisenheim, ND graduated from Bastyr University, a leading research and educational institution. For more, see her website at