Clinic Story

Cedar Rose Clinic Story

Cedar Rose Naturopathic is part of a larger vision of Cedar Rose Heals, LLC, which has three parts: naturopathic clinic, community space and educational center.

Cedar Rose Heals is about gathering and healing in heart space. A place where people and plants collaborate to create health and healing of mind, body, spirit, relationships, family, community and Earth. Cedar is the gathering part, the rose is the heart space part. As humans, we cannot heal alone, and it helps to facilitate the healing process if we are in heart space. I believe we need a society based on reciprocity, community and gratitude for the Earth’s healing gifts.

I came up with the name when I was living and attending Naturopathic medical school in Seattle, Washington. The Western Red Cedar, Thuja plicata is central to the cultural and environmental landscape of the Pacific Northwest, both for indigenous and non-indigenous peoples. Indigenous names for this tree are lata’wa, p’alans (Chehalis), xatea’tcl (S’Klallam), x’pai’epl (Lummi), t’sa’p is (Quileute), t’ci’tum (Quinault), xaxapi’ats (Skagit), xelpai’its (Snohomish), q!wê’le (Skokomish). It is and always has been( as far back as oral tradition tell us) a tree of the people, used and in use for medicine, housing, clothing, baskets, art ceremony and boats. In any Pacific NW forest or city park, you will almost always see a Cedar tree, and often is it the only tree species, along with a Douglas fir or two.

I spent a lot of time sitting with the cedar trees at Bastyr University, when I was taking a study break, or a hike in the 100’s of acres surrounding the school or like I said, in the many parks in and around Seattle, where I lived. I sat with one cedar tree in Ravenna park quite often, and received the name Cedar Rose while sitting with that tree. While cedars are not as central to our lives in the Northeast where we have many tree allies, I had such a profound experience with the Cedar out there, that I wanted to share that with my community here. (The eastern white Cedar is important to many indigenous people’s lives in this part of the world, for medicine and spirituality, and in fact I was first introduced to and spent time with Cedar in Ohio).

Cedar is a tree of protection, gathering, strength and sustenance. She is the gathering tree. Cedar is where people gather for learning and community healing. Cedar helps to bring in earthly healing where it is needed, the big magical green gaia energy. She can bring her healing powers into the 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakras, healing pelvic issues, past traumas, and bringing visions into matter. Cedar is also cleansing and grounding. Many people place a bowl of cedar water at their front door to prevent any unwanted energies from coming in their home, or a cedar water spray to cleanse a room or home.

Cedar can also help us feel less isolated and more connected, healing relationships, and helping people reconnect and be on the earth in an authentic way.

Looking at the leaves, each scale is separate, but part of a greater leaf, which is part of a branch and part of the whole tree being. This symbol, along with the rose and being in heart space is the vision of Cedar Rose Heals and Cedar Rose Naturopathic.

Rose helps us to open up the gates of our heart space where true healing happens. Often we think of rose as having the quality of softness, represented by the flower, which is true, but if we look at the whole plant, the softness/the flower is protected by thorns. This metaphor embodies the healing qualities of rose as being open-hearted, yet protected at the same time. Many times, with chronic illness, there are walls and layers that have been erected around the heart to rightly protect us at the time from traumas and hurts coming at oneself. Often, the strategies employed at the time when the protection was needed becomes a patterned behavior, which can end up being an obstacle to our complete and true healing. Rose is our ally in this inward looking process, as Maya Tawari (Ayurvedic master and one of my teachers) calls it, developing our inner medicine. The power we need to heal comes from within ourselves; our true ability and innate intelligence is ours to claim.

Tea: You can imbibe/ingest the healing properties of Cedar and Rose by drinking Cedar Rose signature tea, available for sale at the clinic. This tea will be available to drink freshly brewed when you come in for your visits.