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Looking back on where my health was 2 years ago, I cannot believe how far I have come in my healing from Chronic Lyme disease. At that time, I felt helpless and I felt like giving up. My body and mind were over ridden with pathogens, and other doctors just didn’t seem to listen to me or “get it”. I knew that there was something that these other doctors were missing, and I sought out a less traditional healing modality- naturopathic medicine. Upon visiting Dr. Eisenheim for my first appointment, I felt like crying with such relief to know that I was being heard and understood. Unlike the other doctors I had seen, she took a thorough examination of all aspects of my health through labs, life style, emotional stability, spirituality, and my physical body. It has become clear to me how much Dr. Eisenheim cares about my well-being and is well versed in Chronic Lyme by how much healing has taken place with me being in her care.

I cannot believe how much I have changed over time and how I can actually feel like a vital person now. At one point in time, I was debilitated and wasn’t able to go on walks, work, or go on social outings, and now I am able to have a better quality of life. I owe this transformation to healing with plants, homeopathy, energy healing, and other methods that were recommended to me by Dr. Eisenheim. I can honestly say that I enjoy working with her, and I have learned so much about how to heal myself with diet, life style, and herbal medicine. I am overwhelmingly grateful to her for her patience, depth of knowledge, care, and intuition when it comes to healing me from Chronic Lyme as well as other health issues that I have had including adrenal fatigue, Epstein Barr virus, SIBO, Candida, insomnia, hormonal imbalances, and recovery from long term antibiotic usage.

I know that having chronic neurological lyme disease has been and probably will be the hardest thing that I will ever have gone through in my entire life. However, I am grateful for the changes and the healing that has taken place to get me to where I am now. I feel such joy at times that I never before have felt, and the illness has taught me how to take care of myself and have a healthy life style. I believe in naturopathic medicine, energy healing, and the power that healing the whole entire being has on overcoming chronic illness.

Ruth Ayers, Charlemont, MA

After nearly completely recovering from late-stage Lyme disease, I came to Nitya for help with SIBO(small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), upper right quadrant pain, and air hunger (I kept running out of breath). After receiving her bodywork for the first time, I had relief from my daily upper right quadrant pain for more than two weeks, the longest period of relief I’d felt in a year of having the pain. And, it continued to improve. She educated me on the different options to treat the SIBO and helped me design a diet and herbal protocol that worked for me.  After years of seeing practitioners who claimed to have the answer, Nitya’s support to help ME choose my healing path was a breath of fresh air. Additionally, she made up a mycoplasma formula for me that has almost completely cleared up my lung issues. I’m so grateful for her support and highly recommend her services.

-Noelle Janka, Shelburne Falls, MA

I’ve been dealing with Lyme Disease since June of 2017 and still suffer intermittent symptoms. I attended Dr Eisenheim’s workshop on Lyme Disease in April 2018. I was impressed with her easy to understand information and willingness to share her knowledge as well as her kind and professional demeanor so I scheduled a consult and bodywork session. She had scheduled the bodywork session after the initial consult. I had never had one done before. It was an interesting experience that surprised me when it was mostly hands off. When she came to my upper right stomach I felt slight fluttering pangs that I took to be a reoccurrence of inflammation from diverticulitis. Dr. Eisenheim informed me that my liver was distressed. I had indeed tested with a fatty liver in October with a negative follow up test later on. Armed with a lovely digestive blend I was now aware that there was something I was doing that was causing my liver to be angry. Looking back critically I realized that although I’m not an alcohol user, I had used Acetaminophen to treat mild migraines quite often a few weeks before being seen as well as snacking on a pint of ice cream the week prior.

I had been scheduled for a few sessions with the frequency machine. My first treatment was a very new experience. At certain cycles I could feel a sense of clarity slowly move through my head as if a layer of cobwebs were being lifted. 3 days before my second session I was bit on my arm by a tick that did not latch on since I felt it bite and immediately removed it. I developed a red angry bump where the bite was. The same sense of clarity with a sense of lifting off of cobwebs occurred. After the frequency session, during the detox session I felt itching at the bite site. I had removed my glasses before the treatment and, being near-sighted, was unable to see clearly what was going on. What I could make out was the bite looked like a flap of dry skin was coming off at the center. Later I looked with my glasses on and noticed that flap of dry skin was actually a clear bead of fluid that was seeping out of the bite bump. This seeping continued about 1 hour after the treatment. There was no discoloration that you get with an infection nor was there any blood. It was as if the detox program from was expelling the toxins from the tick bite. I took home the Tick Kit as a preventative. 3 1/2 weeks post tick bite I have thankfully not had a reoccurrence of Lyme symptoms. I have gladly added Dr. Eisenheim to my Lyme treatment regime.

-Janice Burnup Chesterfield, MA

I decided to visit Cedar Rose after I exhausted all other medical options with my son who was chronically sick. After our first visit I saw a drastic improvement in his overall health within 2 weeks. She carefully listened to all of my concerns and gave me a plan of action for him which included diet changes and supplements. We as a family are so happy to have found Dr. Nitya. I also highly recommend Dr. Nitya for craniosacral body work.

-Eileen Bedaw Turners Falls, MA

The herbal protocol and elimination diet that you prescribed shifted things quickly for me and I found a lot of relief. The diarrhea and itchiness went away first and then slowly I regained my energy levels. Now I have a better sense of what works for my body and what doesn’t. I feel like the things you prescribed helped to give me a deeper feeling of connection with and understanding of my body. I found a better balance through listening to my body- which foods worked and didn’t, which activities made it better or worse, and how I felt in my body during stressful times. During this time I also resumed my meditation practice and was reminded to find more time for general self care. I also found different ways of being active that took less of a toll on my body. – DW, Shelburne Falls, MA

– Slowly, I was able to heal. You were able to recommend supplements and herbs to heal my stomach. Although it took awhile to get back to normal, I feel much better. No more vomiting or diarrhea. No acid reflux or back pain. Sleep is much better and my energy levels are better than before.  My overall health has improved. My energy levels are better than before the stomach problems. I missed being able to work more and go out with friends. I can exercise more and have better stamina. I’m able to sleep better. My stools are always healthy. My other health conditions have improved as well. 

–RA, Conway, MA

– I have been able to focus more of my energy on healthier things, instead of dealing with the social and mental challenges. More at peace that my alternative diet is just me long term reality. Finding joy in the foods I can eat! 

–ALW, Brattleboro, VT 

*DISCLAIMER: There is no guarantee that every individual will achieve the same results. Results are dependent on other factors such as pre-existing conditions, co-morbidities, diet, lifestyle, and commitment and time to allow change to occur.

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