Skip the holiday shopping. Gift cards available for your family and friends!

Have you thought about how your friend, family member, partner or boss would benefit from a relaxing cranio sacral session or a gut calming session(aka visceral manipulation) for those times they may overeat or eat foods they are sensitive to? Well you can help them out with a gift card for a bodywork session to destress from the holidays or a naturopathic consult to help get them started on their healing journey. You can stop by when I’m at the Blue Dragon Apothecary, call 413 676 9009 or fill out the contact card located in  the contact and hours site. I can send you a paypal invoice and mail you the gift card.

When you purchase a gift certificate, you get a bonus recipe booklet: Life-saving recipes for the Holiday Season for those with food sensitivities or those following a gut healing program, created by Dr. Nitya Eisenheim, and her husband Jesse, who has experimented with 100’s of alternative recipes.

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