Are you experiencing digestive discomfort?

Gas and bloating after every meal? Feeling cold or depressed or getting sick alot? Here is a fun recipe and some of Dr. Eisenheim’s favorite go to products for gut health. Of course if you are experiencing ongoing issues and need more support, you can schedule a consult or visceral manipulation session with Dr. Eisenheim here: 

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I love having miso soup on cold winter evenings and mornings. It warms me up and kick starts my digestion. This recipe features miso, a fermented bean paste loaded with enzymes, probiotics and protein. South River Miso is my favorite and local, live miso. They have a non-soy one. If you can’t eat beans, then you can substitute sauerkraut or kimchee brine and use it at the end of the recipe as suggested for the miso.

If you are not up for cooking and are looking for my favorite enzyme to take with meals, try Enzalase by Master Supplements, available on Wellevate. You can also purchase this directly from me in the office. I had some really bad digestive issues after I had a C section last year. These were super helpful, especially when I was too tired to make soup and my meal train stopped.

Many patients ask me what my favorite general probiotic is. Hands down it is the soil based one, Megaspore biotic by Microbiome labs. It requires NO refrigeration. I have seen food sensitivities and autoimmune issues improve with it. When I have given it during antibiotic therapy for Lyme or tick born diseases, it not only helped prevent digestive issues, but cognitive and mental health issues in children. You can purchase this directly from me in the office or order it online here:

You can find the mushrooms and herbs below either at local coops or Sage Green Apothecary(formerly Blue Dragon) in Great Falls( new/old name for Turners Falls)

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