Tick season is here. Stock up on herbs and remedies to have on hand in case you or a loved one gets a tick bite. Doesn’t it always happen on the weekend or when you’re on vacation and can’t get to the office to pick things up? As many of you know, the sooner you get started with treatment, the better.  And you can use natural treatment alongside any antibiotics you might need to take. 

There is Lyme away tincture or glycerin, tick pathogen nosode and other homeopathic remedies I can place on Wellevate for you. If you need more help, have active symptoms, have a child under age 2 or this is your first tick bite and are unfamiliar with my products, please schedule an acute consult here: http://cedarroseheals.com/appointments.

To purchase remedies and herbs , email [email protected] or 413 676 9009 today.

     Here’s what one patient has to say about getting help with a tick bite: 

“I feel assured to know that Dr. Eisenheim is available in our community to give expert advice and treatment for Lyme disease. Her Tick Kit is invaluable. I can’t access this expertise and treatment elsewhere, either from my primary care doctor, the ER, or other qualified specialists for whom there is a long wait time. Treatment for Lyme disease can’t wait.”
G K, Wendell, MA

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